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This post offers some samples of industrial 3D animations my studio has done. As we are based in Singapore, a lot of our clients are in the mining, oil and gas services, and engineering sectors. Here is how we use 3D animation to make their technical products and services, simple and memorable.


industrial 3D animation for mining company


Have you ever been in a business presentation where no matter what you say or how you say it, your prospect simply cannot understand how your technical product or service can make their life a thousand percent better?

What about those meetings with 15 people from different departments in the company, where the participants subtly – or not – tune out the meeting as soon as the talk turns technical and start discreetly text messaging while you are struggling to keep control of the room and convey your service offering. How do you get and hold their attention and interest?

3D animation has the unique ability to demonstrate the intricacies of a industrial or technical product or service that are difficult to describe with charts, graphics, 2D drawings and your hands. It can visualize a dream or an innovation or a highly complex technology in a manner that sticks with your audience.

Plus, it offers virtually unlimited flexibility. While looking as a good as photography, 3D animation can be customized in a way that no other medium can. Want to see your Chairman walking across the floor of your plant? There he is. Need to show the journey raw materials make from production to client? Done.

If your business offering includes technology, 3D animation can really help to communicate your message.

Here are some portfolio pieces that will give you an idea of what is possible with industrial 3D animation.

Mining Animation 

Indonesian coal mining company, Adaro Energy approached my agency Intense Animation Studio to create a 3D visualization of their coal-mining infrastructure in South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

I spent several days in and around the mine taking reference photographs of the wildlife and all of the mining processes. Over the course of three months my team produced animated 3D visualizations of the secondary forest and rubber plantations that were cleared to create the mine, the entire mining process (pit to port) and the post-mining visualizations of the commercial infrastructure and restored environment.

Mining animation

All of these 3D visualizations were created in what we call “enhanced reality rendering” which is a fancy name for 3D imagery that looks more attractive than photography.

The purpose of using this method was to maintain integrity with the production process and environmental aspects of the coal mining operation.

industrial 3D animation

Oil and Gas Drilling Video

Intense Animation Studio executed a large project for a client who specializes in primary cementing, float equipment and liner hanger services in the oil and gas industry.

Fundamentally, primary cementing is the support structure for the casing (or tubing) used in oil drilling and production. Various drilling and cementing devices known as float equipment help create this support structure. Finally, as the well deepens and nears the oil reservoir, liner hangers are deployed to attach a liner to the casing making oil extraction more efficient and safer.

These processes take place deep underground in confined spaces making photography impractical as a means to record the procedures. At Intense, we created industrial 3D visualizations of our client’s equipment inside digitally created underground environments to show how their equipment is deployed and what functions it performs when run into the well bore.

Oil and Gas Drilling Videos

Primary cementing is not an especially complicated procedure, however it is very technical and contains many steps. Communicating the entire process including the advantages of our client’s products would be an extremely long process using PowerPoint slides.

Now the entire procedure is divided into high-quality individually animated movies that run 60 seconds each. The sales presentation is now reduced to somewhere around 15 minutes with attractive imagery and voice over.

Oil and Gas Process Animated Video

Deepwater Drilling Video

In my experience, the most powerful use of 3D animation is to create visualizations of any goods or services before they exist in the real world.

A leading oil and gas services company approached Intense to create a 3D visualization of their new deepwater subsea well intervention system. In this case, at the time we created the visualization, the new system had yet to be deployed. This is a typical technical challenge we solved with a creative solution and the perfect scenario where 3D animation proves a very effective communication medium.

Deepwater Drilling Video

We combined the technical and research data to create above surface and subsea environments that communicated with our client’s technical and non-technical audiences.

The 3D visualization we created is also used for internal company training courses thus providing significant cost savings.

subsea drilling video

 3D Animation Video for a Port 

Intense created a 3D visualization for a project-cargo port located in Tuas in Singapore in 2011. This facility needed to attract potential customers in advance of the port’s completion. We created a visualization of the ports complete operations capacity including 3D animation of vessels and loading operations. This visualization has been a great success with the port facility attracting many clients.

3D animation of a port

3D animation software has evolved significantly over the last 15 years. We are now able to assign individual design tools to create specific effects. Not only does this generate a better end result, it greatly reduces the number of man-hours (or days) we need to execute complicated effects. This has a flow on effect in a few areas.

Firstly, it brings down the production costs so we can produce more work in less time but crucially it provides greater control over the production process. We are able to make changes to the 3D designs quickly. We may reuse or update existing 3D designs and re-deploy those assets into new projects as our clients update their technology or the environments in which they are used.

3D animation is a powerful communication tool that can be used as part of proposal packages, marketing and PR, capital raising and inventor presentations, applications for government contracts and joint venture and partnership negotiations. 3D animation can be broadcast on laptops and desktop, tablets and phones in additional to traditional media like DVD and Blu Ray.

3D animation

At Intense Animation, we regularly use the 3D models to create brochures, posters and name cards. We can achieve this by rendering the images at very large sizes that are suitable for printing.

3D animation has the ability to visualize and demonstrate the past, present or future. 3D visualizations are the ultimate way to make complex technology easy to understand.

Feel free to email me if you would like to see some more samples of 3D industrial animation videos. You can reach me at

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About the author:

Tony is the Managing Director of Intense Animation. Intense Animation is an animation studio based in Singapore. We specialize in helping clients in the oil and gas services, engineering, and mining, sectors to communicate their technical products in a simple and memorable way.  




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